Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks

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For custom orders (different sizes and your own images on fabric blocks) you may call us at:  919/267-0985 anytime. 

Click on VINTAGE MERMAIDS FABRIC BLOCKS to enter our Discount Fabric Block Store where you will find a great selection of fabric blocks at discount prices.

We have been asked a few questions about our fabric blocks.

We offer a great selection of fabric blocks printed from vintage postcards, vintage greeting cards, antique picture book illustrations and we use many other sources for the fabric block prints that we offer.  We love the vintage Victorian era and preserve a piece of that time and place with the fabric blocks that we print for you.  Some of our mermaid fabric blocks and baby mermaid fabric blocks are designed by us.  We spend much time restoring the actual vintage images that we use and therefore all images are legally copyrighted through us. You may use them for personal crafts.  If you would like to incorporate our fabric blocks into crafts that you make to sell, you must contact us.  We will review and decide if we will allow you to do so.

Our fabric blocks are printed brand new as our customers order. 
They are shipped to you USPS with a tracking number.

We print on 200 thread count permanent press cotton.  BUT, don't let the permanent press fool you.  Shipping and handling may cause a few wrinkles.  We tell you when you order how to get rid of the wrinkles.  Our fabric is $12.99 per yard and our ink cartridges are more than $80.00.  We offer quality fabric block prints and  spare no expense to print the best for you.

Our fabric blocks will fade like any other fabric will fade.  Our ink is not well adjusted to sun light or a lot of abrasivness.  Keep this in mind when crafting.  It is best to hand wash (soak) them in a very mild detergent. 

We know you will be delighted with the quality and colors of our fabric blocks.  They are true to their pictures.

We do ask two things of our customers.  PLEASE remember to leave us feedback and send us pictures of your finished projects.  We will feature them right her on Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks.


Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks' lovely gift certificates now available.  No limited amount.  That is your choice.  These make lovely and such exciting gifts to any quilter or fabric crafter.
Christmas fabric blocks are available through our Etsy stores: and  Visit us there for lovely Christmas mermaid fabric blocks, vintage print Santas and many other lovely Christmas fabric blocks that will make lovely gifts as well as beautiful accents for those special Christmas crafts.
Our newest cottage chic mermaid fabric block.  This is quite lovely for any craft you want to use it for and would be equally as beautiful as a quilt panel on a special quilt you are making.  Personally, I would frame her and add some bling to the picture frame.  You can find her here at Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks or in our etsy store at:


We offer fabric blocks in the following sizes:  5x7, 6x6, 7x9, 8x8, and 8x10.  However, some of our images can be offered in larger sizes than others.  It all depends on the sizes of the originals.  Some are too small for the large sizes because they would blur.  Also, *******PLEASE NOTE********.  We love doing business with  BUT, unfortunately, they do not work like say etsy, as an example.  We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

feminine vintage mermaid postcard fabric block panel
grandpa merman fliriting with girls in the water fabric block
antique edwardian mermaid quilt block mermaid quilt panel
ultra feminine marie antoinette fabric block
cowboy skeleton fabric block sitting on a log
female skeleton high fashion entering a building

Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks offers an array of different designs to compliment your crafting projects.  We print vintage merbaby fabric blocks (cute little merbabies) and our own designer merbabies fabric blocks.

We offer vintage mermaid fabric blocks and some of these mermaids fabric blocks are our own exclusive designs.  

We offer vintage fairy fabric blocks and our own designer fairies fabric blocks.

Even Marie Antoinette is offered as herself and as Marie Antoinette mermaids.

Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks offers many other fabric block designs for you at serious DISCOUNT prices!

Click on the tab above to enter our store.  Shop around.  You are sure to find fabric blocks you will love and you will definitely love our prices.

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high fashion mermaid fabric block by

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champagne mermaid fabric block by

pirate mermaid fabric block mermaids by
Red haired vintage mermaid looking at her reflection in the water
art nouveau mermaid swimming in the water
marie antoinette mermaid fabric block edwardian style
edwardian mermaid fabric blocks by
fabric block sweet merbaby merboy holding rubber seahorse toy
Grandma mermaid telling stories to grandchildren merbabies
marie antoinette mermaid fabric block carrying shells

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