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vintage mermaid resting fabric block


FABRIC BLOCKS: VINTAGE MERMAIDS FABRIC BLOCKS is a reputable supplier of fabric blocks designed from vintage mermaids pictures and illustrations.  Our five star fabric blocks re machine washable.
You will enjoy crafting and quilting with our great selection of fabric blocks.   We own a treasure trove of  vintage mermaid images.  So, we print our fabric mermaids for you from our own private collection.They are printed directly from old vintage postcards mermaids vintage mermaid illustrations from old books, vintage mermaid advertisements, and vintage mermaid bookplates, to name a few of our sources.  Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks has to do quite a bit of restoration to each image (removing scratches, etc.) But, we do our best to keep the actual vintage mermaid images as true to the originals as possible.  We like to think we are sending you history on fabric with our retro vintage mermaids fabric blocks.  Imagine the stories these retro vintage mermaids fabric blocks could tell   if they could only talk.  Interesting to contemplate.  Our fabric  images are from many different eras printed onto fabric and many will touch your hearts as they take you back in time, rekindling some sweet memories of long ago, but not forgotten days. 

Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks prints hot off the press, after you order.  We ship our  fabric blocks to you one to two days after receipt of purchase.  We mail  first class mail, USPS.  However, if you are buying 10 or more fabric blocks, it is cheaper to let us ship flat rate priority for $6.45.  Our shipping rates are automatically set as you buy, so you may want to contact us before buying if you plan on a large order and we will adjust the shipping for you, or just go ahead and buy and before shipment, we will reimburse you the difference if our shipping calculated more than $6.45.  We can ship about twenty to thirty fabric blocks for the same great price of $6.45.

CUSTOM ORDERS:  If you have something special that you want printed onto a fabric block, please email us at:  [email protected]
diana martin fabric blocks
We are so flattered and honored to have permission to offer beautiful, artistic prints from the highly acclaimed Artist Diana Martin. Her art and reputation speak for themselves. We have made her awesome art available on fine premium cotton fabric. Below, is a short bio on Diana.  Enjoy.

Diana Martin is a self-taught Artist whose career began over 40 years ago. She has applied her talents to countless artistic endeavors which include painting, sculpture, jewelry, and clothing design.  In addition, she has created dimensional wall hangings from materials such as wood, metals, canvas, and paper.

The list of accomplishments throughout her career is significant and she has always maintained a steady flow of paintings regardless of the creative projects she is continuously involved in.

Diana has worked in the area of Stage and Theater, designing costumes, set designs and magnificent backdrops, some over 100 feet in length.  Her lifelong passion for clothing and jewelry design has been an inspiration and she always finds time for sketching fashion concepts or designing one of a kind jewels.

Early in her career, Diana was the art director for Via Flora of Palm Peach; a ballroom production company where she created exotic decor for elaborate galas and events.  Another facet of Diana's career is her ability to use an airbrush.  In the late 70's, Diana won a national car show with a custom painted Corvette.  In the years following, she transformed her airbrush into a tool for the Interior Decorator and showroom market, painting an impressive variety of subjects on canvas and paper.  During this period, she designed a collection for Gloria Vanderbilt and created Pegasus design for Tri-Star Motion Pictures.

Diana's artwork has been featured in numerous magazines and publications.  Her work is recognized and collected internationally.  She now focuses most of her time in the studio and loves using a variety of materials including acrylics, graphite, ink, and watercolors on canvas and paper with the same enthusiasm.  Her study of wildlife and nature is reflected in some of her most recognized works; yet, any subject she paints reveals her use of a boundless imagination, color, and complexity.
You may contact Diana at:  561-601-7869
Or email her at:  [email protected]

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